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          Hello, welcome to the official website of Shenyang Best Cleaning Equipment CO.,LTD.

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          Shenyang Best Cleaning Equipment CO.,LTD.

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          GA30 + - 90 compressor

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          GA30 + - 90 compressor

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          GA30 + - 90 compressor

          The GA30+-90 series compressors give you a superior experience in durability, reliability and performance, while keeping your total cost down. The choice of GAVSD, GA+ and GA models provides you with the perfect compressed air solution to achieve the best return on investment. Design and manufacture for harsh working conditions to ensure excellent production efficiency.

          GA+ industry performance leader

          Industry-leading exhaust volume and specific power;

          Low noise, suitable for site installation;

          Built-in dryer to reduce low pressure loss, reduce the floor space, environmental protection refrigerant R410A protection of the environment;

          High resolution color screen intelligent Elektronikon compressor controller.

          Many businesses use compressed air in their daily operations. Applications include pneumatic tools for cutting drilling, hammering and grinding processes; Pneumatic actuator and valve; Ventilation system; Packaging and stacking equipment and transmission system. Atlas copco GA series compressor through professional design, not only excellent performance, but also safe and reliable.

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          Shenyang Best Cleaning equipment co., LTD.

          Telephone: 024-23512503/23510470

          Email: sy13704046446@163.com

          Fax: 024-23512504

          Website: www.66ttt6.com

          Address: 12th floor,jizhi building,no.150 nanjing

          south street,heping district,shenyang city



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