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          GA11 + - 30 compressor

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          GA11 + - 30 compressor

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          GA11 + - 30 compressor

          Brand new design, GA11+-30 breaks the industry record, has the industry high efficiency, good exhaust volume. The integrated solution provides high quality compressed air with low operating costs and extended monitoring functions. Because of the low noise, they can be placed next to the gas point, which is less expensive to install and more energy efficient.

          According to the energy saving cycle, the dryer will stop working when the external sensor shows that the dew point reaches the requirement, which means that two-thirds of the dryer energy consumption can be saved (GA as an option).

          Program changes can be adjusted to obtain high quality compressed air under different environmental conditions.

          GA and GA pressure dew point 3 ° c (100% relative humidity at 20 ° c, GA pressure dew point at 5 ° c).

          The dryer reduced the risk of global warming by 44 percent. Depending on the use of the environmentally friendly refrigerant R134a, it is also due to its smaller effective volume (for GA and GA+) with an optional UD filter for better compressed air quality.

          Untreated compressed air contains moisture, oils, and fixed particles that can damage your air system and contaminate your products. The cost of maintenance will eventually greatly exceed the cost of the air handling equipment. GA compressor provides clean and dry compressed air, maintains the reliability of the system, avoids the loss caused by production suspension and production delay, and protects the quality of products.

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          Shenyang Best Cleaning equipment co., LTD.

          Telephone: 024-23512503/23510470

          Email: sy13704046446@163.com

          Fax: 024-23512504

          Website: www.66ttt6.com

          Address: 12th floor,jizhi building,no.150 nanjing

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