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          Some suggestions for plateau customers

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          Some suggestions for plateau customers

          Date of release:2019-06-25 Author: Click:

          The plateau air is thin, generally only 50-70% of the plain density. It is very difficult for ordinary plain oxygen generator to go to the plateau for oxygen production. Plateau oxygen generator is a comprehensive challenge for oxygen generator manufacturers. Based on years of experience in R &amp; D and production of plateau oxygen generator, the following suggestions are summarized for customers in plateau area:

          1. Select the plateau oxygen generator with 90% oxygen concentration, which can detect the oxygen concentration through the instrument or built-in oxygen monitoring device.

          2. The noise level of oxygen generator equipment should be less than 45dB. Plateau oxygen generator is a kind of electrical appliance that works for a long time, and its sound cannot be too loud. Otherwise, it will affect other people's rest, especially at night, so the sound of the oxygen generator should be small.

          3. Good oxygen generator manufacturers shall pass the ISO international and CE European quality system certification, and pay attention to the oxygen generator brands listed for more than two years, so that they have better quality assurance and related certification.

          4. Strong oxygen production capacity. The best discharge capacity of the compressor is 3.8-4.2 cubic meters per hour. In this way, in the living room with large space, the oxygen generator with large exhaust volume can ensure enough oxygen supply at every corner of the space.

          5. It has cumulative timing function. It can calculate the service life of oxygen generator and provide objective and accurate data for future maintenance and use. The international standard requires that the concentrator be equipped with a cumulative timer, which also reflects the quality of the product. A good oxygen generator should have tens of thousands of hours of service life.

          Plateau oxygen generator

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          Shenyang Best Cleaning equipment co., LTD.

          Telephone: 024-23512503/23510470

          Email: sy13704046446@163.com

          Fax: 024-23512504

          Website: www.66ttt6.com

          Address: 12th floor,jizhi building,no.150 nanjing

          south street,heping district,shenyang city



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