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          Hello, welcome to the official website of Shenyang Best Cleaning Equipment CO.,LTD.

          Shenyang Best Cleaning Equipment CO.,LTD.



          Shenyang Best Cleaning Equipment CO.,LTD.

          Contact: manager li

          Phone: 13309818103

          Hotline: 400-100-4648

          Telephone: 024-23512503/23510470

          Fax: 024-23512504

          Website: www.66ttt6.com

          Email address: sy13704046446@163.com

          Zip code: 110005

          Address: 12th floor,jizhi building,no.150 nanjing south street,heping district,shenyang city

          Service Commitment

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          Product guarantee and service commitment:

          ● technical engineers according to the actual situation of customers, to recommend the best technical solution.

          ● the equipment is debugged on the whole machine test bed before delivery to ensure the quality of the equipment.

          ● to meet the needs of parts replacement and maintenance nationwide.

          ● equipment warranty: free warranty period, warranty period outside life maintenance.

          ● warranty scope: from the air compressor of oxygen making equipment to the oxygen outlet of the product.

          ● provide equipment configuration list, general spare parts list and manufacturers to customers.

          ● special person to follow up the project, ensure the construction progress, until the equipment delivery and operation.

          ● accept any customer consultation and feedback on the use of equipment. The first response, and give a reply.

          ● free training for customers at least 3 operators and maintenance personnel to ensure that customers can use and maintain equipment.

          ● for each device to establish an independent file, at any time to understand the operation of the equipment.

          ● can achieve the remote monitoring of customer equipment services.

          ● arrange after-sales staff to visit customers regularly to help customers solve problems encountered in practical operation.

          The company has offices in Harbin, changchun, hangzhou, nanning, urumqi, xining and Lhasa, and has a special after-sales service engineer, 7×24 hours hotline service, regular customer visits, if there are problems with equipment, timely to the customer site to solve

          Shenyang Best Cleaning equipment co., LTD.

          Telephone: 024-23512503/23510470

          Email: sy13704046446@163.com

          Fax: 024-23512504

          Website: www.66ttt6.com

          Address: 12th floor,jizhi building,no.150 nanjing

          south street,heping district,shenyang city



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