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          Hello, welcome to the official website of Shenyang Best Cleaning Equipment CO.,LTD.

          Shenyang Best Cleaning Equipment CO.,LTD.



          Shenyang Best Cleaning Equipment CO.,LTD.

          Contact: manager li

          Phone: 13309818103

          Hotline: 400-100-4648

          Telephone: 024-23512503/23510470

          Fax: 024-23512504

          Website: www.66ttt6.com

          Email address: sy13704046446@163.com

          Zip code: 110005

          Address: 12th floor,jizhi building,no.150 nanjing south street,heping district,shenyang city

          Company Profile

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          Shenyang Best Cleaning equipment co., LTD is registered in national high-tech industrial development zone investment in shenyang high-tech enterprises.Our Company is the only a professional enterprise located in northeast old industrial base, engaged in R&D and manufacture of oxygen generators and nitrogen generator. The company covers an area of more than 66000 ㎡, where office and factory area is more than 42000 ㎡.

          Our main products are: pressure swing adsorption (PSA) oxygen generators, membrane oxygen generators, plateau oxygen generators, large industrial oxygen generators, medical oxygen generators, household oxygen generators, oxygen enrichers for special environment, nitrogen generators, etc.

          Our Company has successively passed ISO9001: 2000 quality management system certification and Liaoning Province Food and Drug Administration Quailty System Assessment, and received medical device production license, the People’s Republic of China medical device registration certificate(LIAOXIEZHUZHUN20152540101), medical device manufacturing product registration form and medical device business license.

          Basing on domestic market conditions and market conditions of Europe, The United States and other countries, our Company has developed the new generation of air separation device with high air-to-oxygen ratio of 9.8:1(international standard: 10:1), and this series of products have been applied in some important industries in China, playing an important role. 

          Shenyang Best Cleaning equipment co., LTD. has established a strong technical team by cooperating with the domestic famous air separation technology professors and experts. Currently our Company has 115 employees, including 5 professors (they were involved in the research and development of China first oxygen generator and nitrogen generator; they are members of domestic oxygen generator and nitrogen generator expert team), 5 senior engineers, 12 engineers and 6 techicians. Our Company is an entity company integrating the design, manufacture, installation, commissioning, and after-sales  service.

          Our philosophy is: efficiency achievements brand, integrity molded future.

          Shenyang Best Cleaning Equipment CO.,LTD.    Shenyang Best Cleaning Equipment CO.,LTD.

          Shenyang Best Cleaning equipment co., LTD.

          Telephone: 024-23512503/23510470

          Email: sy13704046446@163.com

          Fax: 024-23512504

          Website: www.66ttt6.com

          Address: 12th floor,jizhi building,no.150 nanjing

          south street,heping district,shenyang city



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